Marco Turturici

Clinical & Regulatory Manager, MD-Clinicals, Switzerland

Clinical and regulatory manager

10 years’ experience in Biomedical, Preclinical & Clinical Development, and regulatory

Marco is a young biomedical engineer with a PhD in cardiovascular physiology with a strong interest in quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

He began his career as a quality manager in Audiologica, a hearing device manufacturer. After this first experience, he started a Ph.D. in cardiovascular physiology at the medical department at the University of Turin.

He also performed a post-doc experience at the Technische Universität München in Munich working on a European project on cardiovascular disease.

He then worked as a senior quality manager at Tierra SPA and as a person responsible for MDR and clinical manager in Herniamesh, a manufacturer of Hernia and urological mesh.

Marco joined MD-CLINICALS SA in 2021 as a clinical and regulatory project manager, with the mission to manage the clinical investigation and provide support for the regulatory project.